Commercial Roller Shutters Melbourne

We can offer security and peace of mind for your business, office, club with our range of commercial grade roller shutters. Shop fronts, post offices, serveries, sports pavilions have all benefited from our commercial shutters.

What we offer:

  • 36mm and 42mm Extruded aluminium profiles
  • 55mm and 77mm Widespan roller shutters
  • 50mm extruded Vision roller shutters
  • Bushfire rated BAL-FZ BAL40 shutters AS1530.8.2 2007
  • 240V motors up to 120Nm
  • Assist spring operation with key lock
Commercial Roller Shutters Melbourne

Special Applications

At Total Shutters we can customize shutters for just about any application. Our experience and knowledge will guarantee the right advice.

What We Offer

  • Skylight roller shutters
  • Houseboat shutters
  • LED Scoreboard shutters
  • Security shutters with ventilation

For a free, no obligation quote on your Commercial Roller Shutters in Melbourne, call us on 1300 726 066 or get a quote below.

Commercial Roller Shutters Melbourne - Special Applications

Purchase Our Commercial Roller Shutters Today

All our products pass the ISO standards for quality. But our advantage is our team, which boasts a combined experience of over 50 years. That means there’s no possible scenario they haven’t encountered and resolved before.  

Contact us at 1300 726 066 or email for your questions and suggestions. You don’t have to worry about requesting a price quotation for our products since we will never force you into buying commercial roller shutters from us just because you asked a question. Instead, we make our products and service do all the talking.


What happens when the commercial roller shutters are damaged?

All our products are covered by warranty. If you are still within the coverage period, we will replace the product or fix it on-site free of charge. However, you may pay a service charge if you go beyond the warranty date. But don’t worry. Our fees are very affordable. Call our hotline so that we can explain the costs to you better. 

How often should I have my shutters serviced?

After installation, we will give you instructions on the frequency of service our aluminium shutters require. Typically, you should call us every 4-6 months for maintenance. But some factors may affect the integrity of the product, including the frequency of usage, exposure to elements, overheated motor, and wear and tear. Therefore, proper maintenance and service will extend the lifecycle of your commercial roller shutters. 

What are the typical problems I should look for in commercial roller shutters?

Commercial rollers are designed to secure the premises and protect you from the elements. So, while we deliver and install them in pristine condition, don’t expect them to remain unblemished forever. You may see some dings, dents, and cracked paint, but they won’t affect the integrity of the design. Proper servicing will also guarantee that the motor and the mechanism will run smoothly for a long time. 

How secure are your commercial roller shutters?

Our commercial-grade shutters are tested and have passed industry and government standards for protection. This means burglars can’t simply tear them down using bare hands. However, they are not foolproof. Therefore, you should always add extra layers of security to your establishment, especially if you store goods inside. 

Do you offer long-term service and maintenance contracts?

Our technicians will extend the use of your commercial roller shutters in Melbourne beyond their original lifespans. While we do one-off installations, we also offer maintenance services at competitive prices. You don’t have to worry about your shutters breaking down because our team is on top of the situation. 

We’re sure that you still have some questions on your mind. So, don’t hesitate to call us, and our knowledgeable staff should be able to address all your concerns. 


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