Do Roller Shutters Reduce Noise?

Roller shutters are an incredible way to protect your property from many external factors, like a burglary or a natural calamity. Because of this, they’re known for giving you comfort and peace of mind. But besides enhancing your safety and security, did you know roller shutters can also reduce noise?

How Roller Shutters Reduce Noise

Whether you have noisy neighbours, a dog barking nonstop, or cars honking around the area, a good quality roller shutter can effectively keep the distracting sounds out so you can achieve calm and peace at home or in your office. 

Roller shutters are made of durable and strong materials that can effectively block unnecessary noises from invading your property. But to get the most out of your shutters, you need to apply a silicone sealant between the wall and headbox to close any air gaps where noise may penetrate.

Ensuring that all areas of your property don’t have air gaps is the best way to achieve complete solitude because it seals off your home from noise.

We at Total Shutters can offer you high-quality domestic and commercial roller shutters to not only provide security but also reduce noise effectively. In addition, our shutters can give you the following benefits, including:

  • Sun protection
  • Weather protection
  • Privacy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Light control 
  • Fire protection

Why Choose Total Shutters?

With over 35 years of experience in the field, we can provide you with quality rollers that can last for decades. We also offer different types of roller shutters, like aluminum and padded roller shutters, which can provide maximum noise reduction benefits. 

With our shutters’ insulating properties, they can create a solid barrier to prevent sound waves from passing through your walls, doors, and windows. In fact, they can reduce up to 50% of the noise so you can enjoy some peace and quiet at home or in your office. 

Once you select the best roller shutter for your home, we can also assist in installing it. We’ll make sure to close any gaps and fit the shutters perfectly so you can maximize their benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To know more about roller shutters and how they can help you, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions below. 

Are roller shutters installed in the building’s interior or exterior?

In order to control outside forces like light, weather, noise, and heat, roller shutters are usually installed outside. However, on some occasions, they can be installed inside. These instances typically arise when strict corporate or council restrictions are in place that prevent tampering with the building’s facade. But rest assured, you can still benefit significantly whether a roller shutter is installed inside or outside.

What are roller shutters made of?

Most roller shutters are made of either aluminum or steel. 

Aluminum steel rollers were first developed in Germany and have gradually become a material of choice by many manufacturers, property developers, and homeowners worldwide. The reason behind this is that aluminum roller shutters tend to be more lightweight and cost-efficient.

In contrast, steel roller shutters are stronger; they are more heavy-duty and durable. As such, they are considered the best option to provide defense against potential thieves and vandalism. While steel roller shutters can be installed in homes, they’re primarily used in industrial settings, where security is the top priority. 

What are the various types of roller shutters?

The different types of roller shutters in Australia include electric motors, strap winders, batteries, and manual winders. Among these, manual winders and electric motors have become a favorite in the Australian market.

As the name suggests, a manual roller shutter requires a good amount of your elbow grease to operate. So when you invest in this type of roller shutter, be ready to use your muscles to turn the handler every time you open and close the shutter. Despite the added work, many Aussies prefer this option because it’s more cost-effective and less complicated to maintain.

Electric roller shutters are also quite popular because they offer added convenience. They’re operated by an electric motor that automatically raises or lowers the shutters with a push of a button. However, electric roller shutters can be quite pricey.

What is the standard size of roller shutters?

In order to make sure that every roller shutter fits perfectly to your windows or doors, there’s no standard size. Instead, each shutter is custom-made to suit every application.