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Domestic Window Roller Shutters Melbourne

Our window roller shutters offer comfort and peace of mind for you and your family. We have the choice of 15 colours to best suit your home. Powdercoating options also available.

Our roller shutters are Australian made with aluminium boxing and axels. You can choose between manual or motorised mechanisms to control the amount of light, heat and cold coming through your windows.

We can custom fit our Melbourne window roller shutters to suit any application, from a standard window on a home to enclosing a verandah or pergola.

What we offer:

  • Manual, motorised and remote control operated window roller shutters
  • Choice of 15 standard colours
  • Insulated aluminium
  • App Integration on Smartphone or Tablet
  • Service and repair work
  • Window roller shutters for bushfire areas
  • 240V electric or 12V Li-ion battery motorisation

For a free, no obligation quote on your Domestic Roller Shutters in Melbourne, call us on 1300 726 066 or get a quote below.

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Total Shutters takes pride in our superior quality products. However, we consider our competent and experienced technicians an edge over our competitors. We handpicked them and provided them with the best training because we don’t want our relationship with our customers to end with the sale. We would like to believe that only a few companies can match our post-service care. 

Our domestic roller shutters are designed for a perfect fit every time. So, please call us at 1300 726 066, so we can take the next steps in elevating your interior and converting your home into your personal oasis. Don’t worry. You are not obligated to buy our products when you contact us for a free quote. So, hit that dial button now.



Can you control the amount of light that filters into the room?

Not only will you do that, but you can also regulate the heat and cold that flow into your house without lifting a finger since the built-in insulator automatically does the job. For instance, we can keep out as much as 90% of heat from filtering through your windows. In addition, our domestic rollers shutters will help you save on utility bills during hot and cool months.

What are your domestic roller shutters made of?

Our products are made from insulated aluminium, which offers several advantages. For instance, they are durable, which immediately secures your family from intruders and the elements. Our products are also highly energy-efficient, saving money from your monthly bills. Finally, our products are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and immediately enhance any home.  

Where will you install the shutters?

The standard installation will be on the home’s exterior. However, you can operate them from the inside, including our manual domestic roller shutters. You don’t have to go out whenever you need to bring in or shut out the light. Our motorised products can be controlled by remote. 

How long will it take to install the aluminium shutters?

Depending on multiple factors, the process may take a few hours or up to a full day. For example, our technicians may require more time if you have more windows or the measurements are different than a typical Australian house. 

Can you lock the shutters?

For security reasons, manual roller shutters are fitted with a lock to thwart burglaries. Our motorised products, however, automatically locks once the mechanism is activated. As an added benefit, our domestic roller shutters are designed to help lessen noise pollution. So, if you ever have any problems in that regard, we have the perfect product for you. 

How much do your home roller shutters cost?

We need to ask you for more information to make a more accurate price estimate. We highly encourage you to contact us through our website or our hotline to avoid miscommunication.  

For more questions, you can contact our sales representatives so that they can address all your concerns.

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