Outdoor Pergola Blinds in Melbourne

Pergolas are excellent garden and outdoor features that allow you to extend your living space and increase outdoor activity. However, one problem with having such an amenity is entertaining guests and visitors under the sun. 

Installing outdoor pergola blinds in Melbourne allow you to increase outdoor activity without worrying about too much sun exposure. This treatment limits light penetration while enabling you to enjoy your time outdoors. 

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A Perfect Way to Fully Utilize Your Garden Pergolas

Do you want more time outside but cannot because your pergola rakes in too much sunlight? Or have you ever dreamed of spending quality time outdoors, but the weather prevents you from doing so?

At Total Shutters, we provide the best strategies to help you and your family get the best possible outdoor time. For example, our variety of pergolas in Melbourne lets you entertain guests and relax under your pergolas without worrying about the harsh weather. 

Pergola shutters allow you to utilize such garden features even with strong winds, misty weather, or rainy days. In addition, pergola shutters installed overhead or on the sides can create an adjustable condition in your entertainment area.

Outdoor pergola blinds come in various sizes, shapes, and materials to complement your existing architecture. It creates an unhampered look that matches your surroundings while providing the needed protection. 

Get the Convenience of Customized Pergola Shutters 

Total Shutters offer louvred pergolas, custom-fitted to suitably complement your existing infrastructure. Unlike solid overhead lattices, outdoor pergola manually or mechanically adjust the slats to allow sunlight to come through.

Pergola blinds are conveniently installed in commercial spaces with such garden features. In addition, they are ideal security and protective elements for hotels and restaurants so guests can take advantage of the outdoor dining, patio, or garden setting. 

Additionally, louvred pergolas increase the comfort and make a significant difference compared to a standard solid wood cover. Finally, eprgolas give you the additional benefit of enjoying the shade by adjusting slat angles to increase fresh air and the briskness of the pergola. 

Pergola shutters also come in environment-friendly materials, including non-corrosive aluminium. As a result, it does not rust easily and creates a versatile covering for an all-weather fitting for your garden feature. 

Such material also does not easily bend under extreme weight and does not spring back on impact. As a result, Pergola Totals Shutters in Melbourne are cost-effective, durable, and longer-lasting than other industry brands or service providers. 


What type of materials is ideal for outdoor pergola blinds?

Outdoor pergola blinds come in many materials, including aluminium steel, wood, and vinyl slats. These blinds also have a set of features, including the manually operated ones or the automatic roller shutters. Choosing the type of material and features typically depends on your personal preference. 

Can roll-up shutters filter outdoor noise when we are using our garden pergola?

To some extent, installing roller shutters in your pergola can filter certain noise levels. However, it does not eliminate louder sounds. Total Shutter customers have reported that our durable pergola shutters have reduced sound penetration, mainly in residences and offices with such amenities at their disposal. 

If I have roller shutters installed in our pergola, will it impact the natural light coming in?

Roller shutters are great features that can be installed in your pergolas if you want to use them all year round. Whether such a window feature will impact natural light depends on how you use it. If the shutters are fully closed, natural light is blocked off but won’t interfere with the natural light setting inside. 

Can we have our pergola roller shutters customized to fit our current garden features?

Yes. Total Shutters Melbourne offer roller shutter customization for pergola installations. Our company is known in Melbourne for providing quality materials and custom-fit setups to meet the pergola’s architectural layout. We provide design and installation for both residential and commercial settings in Melbourne and the nearby suburbs.  

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