Roller Shutters & Outdoor Blinds in Boronia

Roller Shutters to Add Extra Security to Your Commercial and Residential Space

You might be looking for a solution for your home or office security concerns. Consider getting roller shutters installed by Total Shutters.

Roller shutters Boronia are not just for added security. They can give you other benefits like temperature control and weather protection.

Call Total Shutters on 1300 726 066 today and have them install motorised rolling shutters Boronia for your home or business.

What Roller Shutters Are

Roller shutters are doors made from durable material like metal. They have horizontal slats that move up and down along a channel or a track.

Commercial, domestic, and residential roller shutters are installed in homes or establishments that need extra security. Roller shutters can also be used to protect windows and other entryways.

There are many reasons why people get roller shutters installed. But the main reason is security. 

How Roller Shutters Work

There are many types of roller shutters, depending on how they operate. There are manual and automatic roller shutters.

Manual shutters operate by sliding the horizontal slats up or down along the guide channel to open or close the shutters. You can lock it using a keylock feature on the shutters.

Meanwhile, automatic shutters are motorised. You can control them through a remote or an app on your phone. You can also control the shutters from inside the house.

Many people prefer roller shutters as they do not take up much space when opened. They roll up and down and are stored in a box housing installed above an entryway. 

Benefits of Total Shutters Outdoor Blinds in Bayswater

Sun Protection

Shield yourself from the harsh Australian sun with our outdoor blinds in Bayswater. Enjoy effective UV protection while maintaining a comfortable and shaded environment.

Enhanced Privacy

Enjoy your outdoor space without compromising on privacy. Our blinds act as a stylish barrier, keeping unwanted views at bay.

Weather Resistance

Designed to withstand the ever-changing Australian weather, our outdoor blinds in Bayswater are durable and built to last. Trust Total Shutters to provide reliable protection from sun, wind, and rain.

Customisation Options

Total Shutters understands the importance of personalisation. Our outdoor blinds in Bayswater come with a diverse range of customisation options, allowing you to create a space that reflects your style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are roller shutters installed? 

Window roller shutters can be installed outside your windows. We can provide you with options with how you want your roller shutters to be controlled. However, you can prevent them from the inside using a remote or an app installed on your smartphone.

There are also instances where council restrictions will require roller shutters installed indoors. But it is recommended to have them installed outside.

Does my building need Window Fall Prevention Screens?

According to the National Construction Code, buildings have specific requirements to prevent falls from openable windows. These requirements aim to eliminate the risk of persons, especially children, falling through an openable window.

Openable windows are separated into two categories:

  • Where the distance from the window and the ground is four metres
  • Specific types of buildings and rooms, including Early Child Care Centres where the height of the assumed fall is two metres 

There are two categories for openable windows:

  • Windows where the height of the potential fall is more than four metres
  • Bedroom windows of Class 1, 2, and 3 buildings and rooms in Class 9b or Early Child Care Centres where the height of the potential fall is at least two metres

For more information about Window Fall Prevention Screens, consult the National Construction Code of 2013.

How secure are roller shutters?

When you get electronic roller shutters Boronia, you are assured of additional security for your home or office. Roller shutters are known for their durability, so having them over your doors or windows can prevent break-ins.

Roller shutters are made from sturdy materials like stainless steel, galvanised steel, or aluminium. As a result, they don’t break easily under pressure. Likewise, they don’t deform when pounded with a hard material like a rock or a hammer.

Can I get roller shutters even if I have non-standard-sized windows?

Motorised roller shutters Boronia are custom-fit and built for each client. There is no standard size, and we at Total Shutters will work with you to get roller shutters that best fit your needs.

We provide commercial, domestic, and residential roller shutters anywhere in Boronia. Just give us a call, and we will answer your questions about installing roller shutters for your house or business.

Do I need to clean and maintain my roller shutters?

Roller shutters need very minimal maintenance. They are built out of sturdy materials, so the least you can do is to wipe them with a damp cloth occasionally.

Also, make sure to check the guides for any obstruction from debris. While the curtain is going down, you can hose down the roller shutters once the curtain is fully closed. Wipe the guides in an up and down motion.

When cleaning your roller shutters, only use non-abrasive fluids. It would also help leave the roller shutters fully opened or closed. It will prevent the bottom slat from banging against your door or window.

What types of outdoor blinds do Total Shutters offer in Bayswater?

Total Shutters provides a diverse range of outdoor blinds in Bayswater, including cafe blinds, patio blinds, and zip-track blinds. Our selection caters to various preferences and requirements.

Can I customise the design and colour of the outdoor blinds to match my outdoor space in Bayswater?

Yes, we offer customisable solutions for our outdoor blinds. Choose from a variety of designs, colours, and materials to ensure the blinds seamlessly complement your outdoor area in Bayswater.

How do I determine the right size for outdoor blinds on my property in Bayswater?

Our team of experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your outdoor space in Bayswater to recommend the most suitable size for your outdoor blinds. This ensures a perfect fit and optimal functionality.

Are Total Shutters outdoor blinds weather-resistant?

Yes, our outdoor blinds are designed to withstand Australian weather conditions. They are built to be durable and resilient, providing protection against sun, wind, and rain.

What is the installation process for Total Shutters outdoor blinds in Bayswater?

Our skilled professionals in Bayswater handle the installation of outdoor blinds with precision and efficiency. The process includes a thorough assessment, accurate measurements, and expert installation to ensure the best results.

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