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Total Shutters is a company that specializes in providing top-quality shutter solutions for both residential and commercial properties in areas like Devon Meadows. Shutters have become increasingly popular in past years due to their ability to protect homes and businesses from various elements in a stylish manner.

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Why Shutters Are Popular in Devon Meadows

One of the key advantages of roller shutters is that they are built for strength. Unlike other window coverings, shutters are made of sturdy materials such as aluminium, which makes them highly resistant to pressure. This means that shutters offer excellent protection against extreme weather conditions. Shutters can protect your belongings from the sun’s harsh UV rays and prolong your furniture’s lifespan. 

Shutters are also highly effective at securing your belongings from theft. They provide extra security against intruders, deterring them from breaking into your home or business. This added protection also means shutters can lessen your insurance premiums, which saves you money in the long run.

Moreover, roller shutters are easy to maintain and adaptable to any family’s needs. Their look is customizable, so you can choose the ones that best match your home’s decor. 


What makes plantation shutters different from roller shutters?

Plantation shutters and roller shutters are two different types of popular window coverings. Plantation shutters are made of solid materials such as wood or vinyl and are designed to be attached to the window frame. They have adjustable louvers that give you control over the amount of light and airflow entering the room.

Roller shutters, on the other hand, are made of a flexible material such as aluminium and are designed to be rolled up and down over the window. They offer excellent security and insulation, making them a favourite choice for commercial and industrial settings.

What makes shutters an ideal window treatment?

Shutters are an ideal window treatment for several reasons. Unlike curtains or blinds, which can quickly deteriorate over time and become a safety hazard due to dangling chords, shutters are made of sturdy materials that resist wear and tear. This means shutters can last for years with minimal maintenance, saving you money.

Additionally, shutters are the best window cover available in the market that is highly effective at controlling light and airflow, providing excellent insulation and energy efficiency for your home or business. This can help lower energy bills and make your indoor environment more comfortable year-round. Overall, shutters are a safe, reliable, and cost-effective solution for any property owner in Devon Meadows. 

Can shutters be installed in my sliding glass door?

Yes, shutters can be installed in sliding glass doors. However, you will need to choose a shutter style that is specifically designed for this purpose. For example, bi-fold shutters are an option for sliding glass doors because they can be folded back to provide full access to the door.

Alternatively, you can choose a sliding shutter system that slides along a track to open and close. Our design team can help you choose the best solution for your sliding glass doors based on your needs and preferences.

Do I need to remove my window trim if I want shutters installed?

This depends on the type of shutters you choose and the configuration of your windows. Some shutter styles require window trim removal to install, while others can be installed over existing frames. However, roller shutters are typically installed outside the window, so you won’t need to remove the trim to install them.

This makes roller shutters a more viable option for most homeowners looking to upgrade their windows without the hassle of removing or modifying their existing trim, which adds up to the cost.

Our Ease of Process 

Choosing Total Shutters for your window treatment needs guarantees you a hassle-free and convenient process from start to finish. Our experienced technicians offer free window measurements to ensure the perfect fit for your shutters. We also provide free quotations based on your chosen style and materials. Once you’ve made your choice, we handle everything from delivery to installation, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We ensure your shutters are installed correctly and with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Additionally, we offer a warranty for all our products to allow maximum comfort and protection for your investment.

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