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Residential owners might think twice about getting roller shutters for their homes because these types of shutters are more commonly installed in commercial establishments. However, unknown to many, there are commercial, domestic, and residential shutters available.

When you need any roller shutters, Mooroolbark is one of the areas that Total Shutters provide service. 

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Why do I need residential roller shutters?

There are many reasons why installing window roller shutters in your home is advantageous.

    • Reinforce your home security. With motorized or electronic window roller shutters in Mooroolbark, you can protect your home from robbers. Roller shutters can be your first line of defense as it can prevent invaders from breaking your windows.
    • Protect your home from extreme weather. Electronic and motorized roller shutters can help you protect your home during strong winds and rain. In addition, the shutters can serve as efficient protection for your windows from breakage.


  • Get better insulation inside your home. Aside from being a defense mechanism for your home, roller shutters can also function as efficient insulators by keeping out the heat or cold and maintaining the temperature inside your home. 
  • Reduce your energy consumption. Because roller shutters are excellent insulators, they can do a fantastic job with temperature maintenance; you don’t have to use your thermostat controls that often. This is a good way of conserving energy consumption in your home.
  • Keep the light controlled. When your windows face west, it can be very hot when the sun sets. Roller windows can diffuse the sun’s rays while still allowing some light to enter through the slats.
  • Noise reduction. Keep your home protected from loud noises outside when you use rolling shutters. The metal and insulating materials are a barrier for sound waves that effectively reduce noise by 50%.
  • Fire protection. Studies have shown that rolling shutters effectively prevent and keep fires from entering your home. In addition, the shutters were found to have minimal damage and were still operational, while the glass and windows the shutters were protecting were left entirely intact.



What are motorized roller shutters made of?

Roller shutters are made from high-grade aluminum. They are also insulated with high-density polyurethane through a system of interlocking slats. Rolling shutters also have a baked enamel paint finish that is resistant to scratches and fading.

The steel or aluminum material of the rolling shutters makes them tough to break. This is why rolling shutters are the perfect material for temperature control and home protection.

How can rolling shutters be operated?

There is one way to open and close your roller shutters. That is by rolling or sliding the shutters up and down through a guide channel. The slats of the roller shutters are fixed into a small box above your window, which are also called internal face fixes.

However, there are also motorized rolling and electronic rolling shutters wherein you don’t have to pull out the slats manually. These rolling shutters come with a remote control that can operate the rolling shutters for you.

Can I use my phone to control the rolling shutters?

Aside from a remote control, we can integrate your electronic and motorized rolling shutters Mooroolbark by connecting your shutters through an app on your phone. Not only is this more convenient for you, but you will also be able to operate your rolling shutters even when you do not have a remote with you.

How can rolling shutters be cleaned?

It may seem challenging to do because of the moving parts but cleaning rolling shutters is very easy. There is also little maintenance because of the high-quality materials that rolling shutters are made of, giving minimal leeway for rusting and damage.

To clean, open your rolling shutters first. Then, you can use a hose to wash out any debris that may have stuck on your shutters. Next, you can use a dry cloth and non-abrasive fluids to wash more thoroughly. Finally, wipe the shutters in an up and down motion.

How can I have rolling shutters installed in my home?

To get you started with installing rolling shutters in your home, contact Total Shutters Melbourne and fill out a form so that we can give you a quotation. We will be happy to discuss how the installation process will happen. We will also be glad to assist you with choosing the perfect rolling shutter that your home and business will need.

Give us a call today if you wish to install electric or manual roller shutters or if you have manual shutters and would like to convert them to electric roller shutters. Call us now on 1300 726 066, or submit an online quote, and we will get back.

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