Best Roller Shutters Installation in Rowville

Roller shutters are a great deterrent to most elements of nature, like rain, which is essential in the suburbs like Rowville. On hot summer days, escaping the heat can be made possible by installing roller shutters in your home. 

The insulated aluminium keeps heat from penetrating your house while blocking sunlight and UV rays. Roller shutters in Rowville are cost-efficient, durable, and secure.

Control Room Temperature Easily

Our roller shutters are insulated with high-quality foam that prevents outdoor heat from penetrating your home while keeping the cool air in. Installing window roller shutters in Rowville can massively lower the temperature in a room, making it easier to manage your indoor temperature and giving you significant savings on your energy bill.

Additionally, domestic or commercial roller shutters make heating more efficient in cold months. It keeps heat where it should be because window shutters are made with high quality insulated aluminium.

Keeping Your Private Business Private

Besides cost-efficiency, suburban roller shutters also play a massive role in keeping unwanted moisture out while allowing good ventilation without compromising privacy.

Our motorised roller shutters have an easy access feature. We can program shutters on your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, so you don’t have to be indoors, get up from bed, or be at home to access them. 

As long as you have network connectivity, you can let pets out of the office only through technology. It also ensures an extra layer of security from burglars.


If you live with a noisy neighbour, another helpful feature roller shutters provide is noise reduction. Thanks to the insulation between slats, our roller shutters can absorb almost 50% of outdoor noise. Leaving you with little to no sound! 

Manual or Motorised

Depending on a specific width and height, you can choose whether a manual or motorised roller shutter is ideal for an area in your home. Once you sign up for a free quote, you can also ask our technicians for recommendations. 

Usually, depending on the area and dimensions it needs, both manual and motorised roller shutters have the same function. However, manual roller shutters need little effort to adjust.

Motorised roller shutters provide better protection from intruders and storms by preventing flying objects from shattering windows and doors and blocking embers from getting into the house during a bushfire. In addition, installing an electric roller shutter allows you to operate it in various ways apart from just using a remote control.

Roller shutters have an app integration feature that allows you to program your shutters at a given time through your smartphone or tablet.


How secure are window shutters?

In general, most roller shutters offer ample security for your valuables as they give an added protective layer to your home. But design, quality, and workmanship play a huge role in keeping burglars at bay. 

While crime rates are low in Rowville, intruders may have second thoughts about cutting through steel or aluminium window shutters as they can be noisy and difficult to cut through.

Why should I consider motorised roller shutters?

A simple answer to that is convenience. For example, electronic roller shutters allow you to adjust slats depending on how much light you want to let in, a total game changer!

Furthermore, you don’t have to get up from bed to adjust your shutters since these come with remote controls and even allow you to operate them through your smartphone!

Can roller shutters withstand any weather?

Yes. Domestic or commercial roller shutters can protect you from the sun, wind, hail, rain, dust, and other things that may get into your living space. Plus, it also provides added protection to your windows from any damage.

How can roller shutters be cost-efficient?

In cold months, about 30% of heating can escape through windows and in cooler seasons, 76% of sunlight enters through double-pane windows, creating heat indoors. 

Having insulated window roller shutters allows you to save energy by giving your house an extra insulation layer. Although the savings can vary depending on how roller shutters are used, getting multi-layer glazing and e-coatings can significantly improve thermal performance.

Can I install the shutters myself?

For someone with experience, roller shutter installations may be easy. But to ensure safety and proper installation, asking our technicians is advisable.

Value for money

In any way you see it, installing roller shutters can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run without compromising the aesthetics of your home. Plus, you are also helping the environment by conserving energy. Roller shutters come in various designs and colours to match your needs. Even when choosing motorised roller shutters, energy efficiency is still achievable because the mechanism doesn’t require so much power to operate.

Protect your family. Protect your home. Protect your business. Get a FREE quote for your domestic or commercial roller shutter in Rowville. Reach us at 1300 726 066.

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