Roller Shutters Installation & Outdoor Blinds in Yarra Valley

When you buy or rent any residential or commercial space, Roller Shutters or blinds. These indoor and outdoor blinds give you a sense of privacy and help protect your area from potential intruders. If you’re looking for Roller or Window Shutters that will go perfectly with your new office design or your beloved home.

Total Shutters Melbourne have a wide variety of Motorised Roller Shutters that suit your choices. All our Electronic Roller Shutters are 90% motorised and 10% manually operated. You can contact us for information on the blinds that suit your needs and fits your budget.

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Where Can You Find High-Quality Window Roller Shutters In Melbourne?

Being the stalwarts in this industry for over 25 years, we provide a guaranteed quality service from start to finish. We offer a vast range of Commercial and Residential Roller Shutters in several colours, and all our products are thoroughly checked, and quality assured. Our Office, Shop, or Warehouse Shutters are designed to suit all styles of homes and businesses. We will find the right product for you and provide it to you at the best price.

Budget-friendly Residential Roller Shutters Yarra Valley

Our window roller shades offer relief and peace of mind for you and your family. You can choose from our range of 15 eye-pleasing colours which will suit your home the best. Powder coating options are also available at Total Shutters Melbourne.

All our roller shades are Australian built with solid aluminium boxing and axles. You can pick between manual or electronic mechanisms to control the amount of light, heat and frost coming through your windows.

We do provide customised Window Shutters to fit your Melbourne spaces, and it suits any application. You can install our Window Covers in any area, from a standard pane in a home to surrounding a verandah or pergola.

What Choose The Services Of Total Shutters Melbourne?

Having roller shutters installed in any of your spaces comes with several benefits. It improves the security of your home, providing you with well-deserved privacy. Roller Shutters are also valuable for keeping your site protected from the scorching heat—besides, an enhanced aesthetic attractiveness of your residence is another perk that comes along with them. 

It would be best if you chose the right Window Shutters for your home or business, and hiring an expert to do the job would be the best option. So when you hire the services of Total Shutters Melbourne, you get:

  • Options in manual, motorised and remote operated window roller shutters
  • You can choose amongst 15 standard colours
  • Insulated aluminium
  • Service and repair work
  • App Integration on Smartphone or Tablet
  • Window roller shutters for bushfire areas
  • 240V electric or 12V Li-ion battery motorisation

You can contact our experts for a free, no-obligation quote. We provide top-quality Domestic Roller Shutters in Melbourne and customise high-quality Office Shutters too! Just reach out to us on the number given at the top right corner of this page to get a quick cost estimate.

Buy Commercial Roller Shutters in Yarra Valley At Affordable Prices

We can offer you safety and peace of mind as you can rest easy knowing that your office, club, or any other commercial space is secured with our window shutters. With our vast range of commercial-grade roller shutters, we can secure shopfronts, post offices, servers, sports pavilions and more. Many businesses have benefited from our top quality commercial shutters.

The shutters that we offer:

  • 36mm and 42mm Extruded aluminium profiles
  • 50mm extruded Vision roller shutters
  • 55mm and 77mm Widespan roller shutters
  • Bushfire rated BAL-FZ BAL40 shutters AS1530.8.2 2007
  • Assist spring operation with key lock
  • 240V motors up to 120 Nm
  • Best-in-class Warehouse Shutters
  • Shop Shutters (Installation, repair and maintenance)

Looking For Durable Outdoors Blinds Yarra Valley?

Our Alfresco Blinds, a.k.a. Outdoor Blinds allow you to create a viable outdoor living space in your domestic area at a fraction of the cost of other options. The components of Total Shutters Melbourne’s Outdoors Blinds are Australian sourced and designed according to the condition of the continent. Our covers can go to a maximum width of 6600mm or a top surface area of 21 square meters.

We have a vast range of colours and fabrics to pick from with motorised and manual operation. Contact us now for a free measure and quote. With us, you get:

  • Fully restrained shutters, free from ropes, pulleys or zips
  • Sun protection and shading
  • Total privacy
  • Breeze control
  • 85%,94% & 95% Block Out Fabrics
  • Clear and Shaded PVC available
  • App Integration on Smartphone or Tablet

Frequently asked questions

Do outdoor blinds offer complete blackout?

While outdoor blinds can significantly reduce the amount of light entering your outdoor space, it is important to note that they typically do not provide 100% blackout. Outdoor blinds are designed to block out a significant amount of sunlight, reducing glare and heat while maintaining visibility to some degree.

However, certain fabrics used for outdoor blinds can provide a high blackout level, with up to 95% light blockage. When selecting outdoor blinds, you can choose from various fabric options that offer varying degrees of light control to suit your specific needs.

Should I choose manual or motorised blinds?

This depends on your personal preferences and requirements. Motorised blinds offer convenience and ease of use, allowing you to control the blinds with a push of a button. They are particularly beneficial for large or hard-to-reach areas. On the other hand, manual blinds can be operated without electricity or batteries.

They are typically more cost-effective and may be suitable for smaller areas. Consider accessibility, budget, and personal preference when deciding between motorised or manual outdoor blinds.

How are your blinds powered?

Outdoor blinds can be powered using different mechanisms depending on the type and design of the blinds. Motorised outdoor blinds are commonly powered by an electric motor that allows for convenient and effortless operation. These blinds are usually controlled through a remote control, switch or smartphone, allowing you to adjust the blinds easily. 

Motorised blinds are especially popular for larger or hard-to-reach areas where manual operation may be challenging. On the other hand, manual outdoor blinds are operated by hand, typically through a crank handle or a cord system. These blinds require manual effort to raise or lower them, offering a more traditional approach to controlling sunlight and privacy.

How do I maintain outdoor blinds?

Proper maintenance will ensure the longevity and performance of your outdoor blinds. You can use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment for fabric blinds to remove any loose dirt gently. Refrain from using harsh chemical cleaners that may damage the fabric. If your blinds are made of PVC or other materials, you can use mild soap and water for cleaning. 

Additionally, it is important to check the mechanisms and hardware of the blinds periodically to ensure they are in good working condition. You may contact us for maintenance service if you notice any damage or issues.

Contact Us For The Window Shutters That Would Add Value To Your Favourite Place!

A contemporary and stylish outdoor window dressing that’s easy to operate. It reduces heat and brightness and still maintains daytime privacy. With our high quality, Australian made window shades; you can have all the privacy you need in your home or office.

  • Our shutters are easy to use
  • Decrease glare and heat load
  • Provide manual or motorised operation
  • Long-lasting aluminium and stainless steel elements
  • UV protection for carpets and furniture
  • Office, shop and commercial applications

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