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Shutters are no longer for commercial installations only. More and more homeowners are considering installing roller shutters to provide the additional security that a family needs. 

Popular materials used for roller shutters include wood, steel, and aluminum. Although they can last long, they are also prone to problems and damage.

External factors, like debris accumulation, mechanical overheating, proximity sensor problems, and dents or damages in the slats, are some common issues. If you need roller shutters repairs in Melbourne, get a professional with experience in both commercial and residential shutter repairs. 

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Reasons Why Roller Shutters are Better than Drapes or Blinds 

There are many practical reasons to choose roller shutters over drapes, curtains, or blinds. High-quality shutters provide houses and commercial spaces a certain appeal not often achieved by other window treatments. 

Moreover, the real advantage of installing shutters is its additional security from natural and human-induced threats. It is a cost-effective measure to improve the safety and protection of your home. Some of the other benefits of having a roller shutter include:

  • Weather protection
  • Privacy 
  • Noise reduction
  • Light control
  • Usage and aesthetics

Shutters also act as thermal insulators, allowing you to control the temperature inside your home or building. This type of window treatment helps you save on energy consumption by regulating the temperature of your living environment. As a result, it reduces your energy expenditure by as much as 60% 

Roller Shutters for Commercial Spaces and Industrial Buildings

Commercial roller shutters are ideally used in commercial and industrial spaces, including shopping malls and warehouses, because they can be fitted based on the requirements. Also, shutters provide the ideal security because they are equipped with locking bolds and security systems.

These roll-downs are manufactured with the highest standards using galvanised metal or steel, making them the perfect choice for maximum security. Roller shutters are also known for their flexibility and structural strength. 

Industrial shutters undergo tests to ensure their structural integrity is uncompromised. These tests guarantee their resistance to corrosion, bending, or cracking. New technologies also offer this commercial-quality aperture with noiseless operations, energy-efficient functions, and compliance with the industry’s technical standards. 

Common Problems with Shutter Rollers  

Material-wise, roller shutters are incredibly durable. However, like any other mechanical contraption, they also sustain damage, dents, or splits. It happens because of different elements or general wear.

These problems with your roll-downs are often minor issues that are easily and quickly fixed. But, when problems affecting the integrity of your roller shutters happen, you need to get the help of a professional. 

Some of the most common issues that require the need for a technician include:

    • Structural damage. Your roller shutters’ general wear and tear is natural and should be expected in the long run. Minor dents or dings are typically not an issue unless the structural integrity of your shutters is compromised. 
    • Overheating motor. If you have an automatic roll-up, you might experience an overheating issue. This type of problem often prevents the doors from working correctly. 
    • Shutters are not smoothly gliding when being opened. Bumpy roll-downs when being opened mean debris or dirt accumulation, causing the track to become jerky when being opened.  
  • Shutters only open halfway. When your shutters stop mid-way when opening, it is usually a problem with the proximity sensor. When it happens, either the shutters are damaged, or it needs replacement. 

Getting problems with your roll-downs means having it inspected for possible issues that might affect its structural integrity in the long run. You will need a certified roller shutters repair in Melbourne with a trusted name. 

Our list of shutters repair services

If you’re looking for professional shutter repair services, you’ve come to the right place. At our company, we offer a comprehensive list of shutter repair services to ensure that your shutters are working properly and efficiently. 

Aluminum Shutters Repairs 

Aluminum shutters can block noise by 50% higher. They can be customized to slide, bi-fold, hinge, or fixed style. There are also options to make it cyclone rated. Some customers even choose to have it with a UV powder-coated finish. 

So many great benefits you can reap when you choose aluminum shutters, but they still encounter corrosion, rust issues, and mechanisms. 

Our services offer cleaning the shutters, broken part replacement, inspecting other areas that need repair for prevention, shutter system replacement, aluminum shutters painting, and regular fittings and mechanism inspection.

Outdoor Roller Shutters Repair 

Traditionally, outdoor roller shutters are installed in buildings and houses. They are usually flush-mounted, top-mounted, or front-mounted when installed. They help in withstanding highly high winds.

We offer mechanism repair if there are issues with lowering and raising it. We also do the material repair for torn or damaged parts and the painting of shutters for refinishing and updating.

Part of our service includes routine checks and inspections of any preventive issues that might arise. 

Garage Roller Shutters Repair 

A shutter in your garage adds a layer of protection for your possessions in commercial and residential areas. They are usually made of heavy-duty steel or can be automated for convenience. 

Our service repair includes all issues with its aesthetic, like paint, dents and dings, sensor proximity issue, damaged mechanisms, and a total assessment of the shutters for preventive maintenance. 

Roller Shutters for Corner Windows Repair

Corner window shutters are usually made from wood, galvanized steel, and aluminum. Many home and business owners choose this to reduce a structure’s energy consumption.

We offer preventive maintenance, cleaning, repair of the aesthetic features by painting, removal of dents or dings, and a routine check-up for all its mechanisms and structural integrity. 

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For a company that will reach four decades soon, you do not have to think twice to know that we deliver quality service and outstanding products in every job. We uphold the highest standards and ensure that our customers are guaranteed to be satisfied. 


What are common shutter roller problems? 

The most common shutter roller problems involve minor dents, dings, overheating motor, shutters that are jerking and do not glide smoothly, or shutters that only open halfway due to the issue in the proximity sensor. 

Why are roller shutters better than drapes or blinds? 

Roller shutters help in weather protection, improve your privacy, reduce noise from coming in, easily control the light that comes into the building or house, are durable, low maintenance, and are aesthetically pleasing to the interior and exterior of a home. 

Overall, shutters have many advantages and can even help save on energy consumption. 

What products do you carry? 

We only choose the best suppliers in Australia. The following brands we use in our shutter business are: 

  • CW Products
  • Somfy
  • Sidetrack
  • Stafer

Getting Your Shutters Reparations Serviced in Melbourne

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