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Melbourne enjoys hot summer seasons all year-round that can become a pain, particularly if your family is enjoying the weather. But are you tired of sitting out on your front porch being bathed naked by blinding sunlight?

Installing an outdoor roller shutter is an excellent way to manage incoming light. In addition, this type of window treatment helps give better purpose to your outdoor amenity, allowing you or your family to enjoy all-day activities. 

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Increase Your Home’s Resale Value with Outdoor Roller Shutters 

Roller shutters are solid investments that you can outfit your home or commercial property to make the atmosphere more tolerable and cozier. Aside from increasing your property’s resale value, these shutters provide the privacy you need to keep prying eyes off your property. 

Outdoor shutters provide a modern look to your home with a broad range of materials, colours, and features. It also adds character to your home or commercial space by making it appear fresh and updated. 

Total Shutters has various roller shutter options for houses, commercial, and industrial needs. If you are looking for quality brands and installation, choose Total Shutters in Melbourne to provide the proper fitting for your outdoor roller shutter needs. 

The Common Benefits of Having an Outdoor Roller Shutter Installed 

There are many practical reasons why it’s always better to outfit your property with a custom outdoor roller. They are the perfect window treatment to regulate temperature and make your indoor space habitable. 

Roller shutters make the difference in keeping your home cool during summer or warm during winters. These window treatments block heat from entering your house during hot weather conditions. In addition you can use them to trap heat on the insides and prevent them from escaping during the cold months. 

Roller shutters appeal to most Melbourne residents, and they are becoming trendy because of their added value to your property. Here are some of the key points:

  • Roller shutters withstand extremely high winds.
  • They provide better protection and privacy to your property.
  • They are stylish and come in a variety of options. 
  • They offer straightforward to use, mainly motorized shutters. 
  • Roller shutters are maintenance-free window treatment options. 

Add Character to Your Home with Outdoor Roller Shutters

If you plan to put your property on the market, one good way to increase its resale value is to add a distinctive feature to make it stand out. One practical means is to have an outdoor roller shutter installed. 

Roller shutters are customizable to make them visually appealing and to meet your property’s overall design. You can opt for galvanized steel, aluminium flaps, or wooden rollers to create an elegant or formal look for your property. 

Trust Total Shutters in Melbourne to provide you with the best outdoor roller shutters for your home or commercial property. We pride ourselves on having 35 years of experience helping homeowners and commercial property managers achieve the best look for their homes or businesses.

What Do We Have to Offer? 

Total Shutters primarily targets to service one structure at a time and shows that shutters are now being chosen over traditional blinds or drapes for both commercial and residential areas. 

In talking about what we have to offer, we can also explain the endless benefits that shutters can give.

Elevated Privacy, Safety and Security

The way shutters function adds a layer of privacy to a structure. Aside from controlling the light that comes into the houses, if you choose the correct material, they can also add security to the home. 

Families with younger kids have fewer safety issues to worry about because shutters are not dangling, unlike blinds and drapes that can be a source of unwanted incidents. 

For thieves and unwanted trespassers, shutters are much more challenging to penetrate and access. It acts as a barrier and an instant deterrence to crooks. 

Durability Tested by Time and Weather Conditions 

Through time, we have had customers for whom we do preventive maintenance for their shutters for many decades. Maintenance is a testimony that when you take care of your shutters, they can take care of you. 

If there is also extreme heat and cold, shutters act as insulators that keep extreme temperatures from going in the house. 

Added Value to Your Property

There are many types of shutters, like aluminum metal shutters, composite wood shutters, PVC shutters, and even wood shutters. With the right design, these instantly make a house look expensive and sleek. 

Shutters can now be a focal point in a house that adds retail value. We at Total Shutters can choose the suitable shutter design and material for your home to have more value. 

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How do I choose the best material for my outdoor roller shutters?

There are no clear guidelines when choosing the suitable material for outdoor roller shutters. Remember that shutters provide a specific look, whether you have concrete walls or a marble façade. It depends on your chosen colours and the right features to keep your home sophisticated and chic. We also provide consultations and recommendations if you have difficulty choosing the right colour and material for your property installation. 

Should I go for an automatic roller shutter or the manually operated one? 

Manual roller shutters are slightly cheaper compared to automatic window shutters. Opting for the right window treatment for your property is always a matter of budget and choice. Also, remember that your purchase also includes occasional maintenance and upkeep. The same goes with manually operated shutters though there are fewer worries to consider. However, manual and automatic roller shutters can last for a long time with proper use.  

What drawbacks do I need to know before having a roller shutter installed?

There are significantly fewer downsides to having roller shutters installed on your property. The cost can become a disadvantage because they are slightly higher in price compared to some alternatives. The many benefits, though, should not undermine the charges and another disadvantage. 

Do you also provide repair and maintenance services?

Yes. Aside from planning and installation, Total Shutters also offer repair and maintenance for roller blinds. Call our friendly customer service to schedule an appointment at 1300 726 066.

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